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There is a $500 minimum on all mural projects.  DEBBIE will supply you with a free estimate and rough sketch after your first meeting. Before any painting takes place you will be given a detailed drawing along with a final flat rate estimate. She believes in up front pricing and completing a job when and only when you are completely satisfied.


You and DEBBIE meet to discuss ideas and view the room or wall to be painted. While some clients have a clear vision of what they want, others have no idea and leave that up to DEBBIE to provide them with suggestions. Once the theme is determined, a rough sketch is drawn up.


For this "Tropical Powder Bath", the client knew that she wanted her home and water incorporated into the mural somehow; she also wanted to enlarge the space in this compact bathroom. After tossing ideas back and forth, DEBBIE came up with the idea of having her home placed on a secluded private island. She also included items from her patio into the mural such as the white pipe railings, terra cotta tile, and potted plants. Below is the rough sketch DEBBIE prepared for her at their first meeting.



A ballpark estimate will be provided 2-5 days after your meeting. If you are happy with the ideas and quote, a $200 non-refundable deposit is then due. (This price may vary depending on the complexity of the mural.) At this time, a tentative date will be scheduled. Upon completion of the designs, you will be supplied with detailed black and white drawings and a final estimate. On rare instances a color rendering can be prepared for an additional fee.

Example: Below are the final black and white drawing and color version, which were submitted to the client before painting began.



Step Three:

Once all changes, if any, are made to the designs and the drawings are to your satisfaction a date will be scheduled for painting. The $200 deposit is then applied toward the total cost of the mural.

Step Four:

50% of the total cost is due on the first day painting begins. If there are any changes made to the mural once painting has begun, there will be additional charges. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the mural.

Example: Below is the completed mural.



In order to give you an idea of what a mural may cost please view the samples below.  They are labeled by how many days each took to complete.  On average murals run between $600 - $800 per day.  This should give you a good idea of what your mural may cost depending on the level of detail you are interested in.